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HRW Blatantly Biased in Report on Tindouf Camps

Human Rights Watch (HRW) presented on Saturday in Algiers a report on the situation of human rights in the Tindouf camps, whose content raises a number of questions as to the neutrality, ...

Polisario: An ID Card Reveals Links with Jihadists

The discovery of an ID card on the corpse of a fighter came to confirm what was already known. Malian military identified a fighter killed recently in an ambush in northern Mali as ...

Western Sahara : Morocco denounces Algeria’s partiality

The Moroccan government has criticized Algeria’s partiality in the Western Sahara conflict and denounced the repeated slurring attacks by Algerian diplomats against Morocco before ...

Spanish Greens for political solution to Sahara conflict

The Spanish green party, La Confederación de Los Verdes, denounced Spain’s colonial policy and held the country responsible for the ongoing Western Sahara conflict. After the departure ...

Western Sahara : Andalusian Leaders’ Double Game

Is the Autonomous Government of Andalusia playing double game in the Western Sahara territorial dispute? This question was raised by many observers and Maghreb affairs experts after ...

Western Sahara : Algeria’s Bias Laid Bare in Geneva

The Algerian regime was once again singled out before the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva for its “blatant involvement” and “biased attitude” on the Western ...
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