Polisario: New Leader Wants to Take Things in Hand in Tindouf Camps

Brahim Ghali seeks desperately to take things in hand in the Tindouf camps, as evidenced by the first restructuring the Polisario chief operated within his team. The restructuring started ...

Sahara: Zambia withdraws its recognition of Polisario’s Republic

Zambia has decided to withdraw its recognition of SADR, the Sahrawi Republic, self-proclaimed by the Polisario with Algeria’s support. This new withdrawal reduces the number of African ...

Polisaro: Reasons why DRS Choose Brahim Ghali as Single Candidate

The frightening Department of Military Intelligence (DRS,) which has genuine control over power in Algiers, has already made its choice as to the future leader of the Polisario and ...

Ashton’s Contradictions on Financial Support to the Polisario

Many members of the European Parliament are worried about the final recipients of the annual humanitarian assistance granted by the European Union to the Tindouf camps populations. For ...

Victims of Polisario Torturers Finally Heard by Spanish Justice

The Sahrawi victims of  Polisario torturers will finally be heard by the Spanish justice, after they had been totally ignored in Algeria, where the crimes had been committed. The National ...

Spanish Police Hunt Polisario Leaders for Genocide

Former and current leaders of the Polisario are actively sought by the Spanish police. They are accused by the National Court, Spain’s highest criminal court, to have committed ...
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