UN-Western Sahara: Security Council forces the Polisario out of Guerguerat

The Polisario Front was unable to stand up to the UN for a long time. Since the early hours of Friday, its armed elements, positioned in the buffer zone of Guerguerat, near Morocco’s ...

Western Sahara: New UN Chief Calls Polisario, Algeria to Order

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was, in the annual report on Western Sahara he submitted, on Monday, to the appreciation of the 15 members of the Security Council, more pragmatic, ...

Zambia confirms break up with Polisario and its “SADR”

Zambia confirmed on Saturday, through its Foreign Minister, Harry Kalaba, that it withdrew its recognition of the pseudo “SADR”, self-proclaimed by the Polisario, and severed ...

Morocco-Sahara: Seizure of Convoy of Weapons in Guergarat

Moroccan security services have recently intercepted a convoy of weapons bound to the southern provinces of Morocco, via the no man’s land labeled Kandahar, between Guergarat ...

Morocco/Sahara: Large-Scale Clampdown on Smugglers in Guergarat

Moroccan security services and Customs Authorities have been leading since Sunday, August 14, a large-scale crackdown operation in the region of Guergarat, an area swarming with smugglers ...

Sahara: Christopher Ross to Conduct Ultimate Mediation before Ban’s Departure

The personal envoy of the UN Secretary General for the Sahara, Christopher Ross, is reportedly negotiating with the stakeholders, another trip to the Maghreb region to conduct a new ...

Sahara: what has derailed the project of Aït Idder Centre

After repeated postponements, the conference on the Sahara that the Bensaid Ait Idder Centre for studies and research intended to organize, with participants from the Maghreb and Europe, ...

Morocco/Sahara: Thousands of Sahrawis from Tindouf Stranded in Mauritania

Thousands of Sahrawi refugees, who have recently fled the Tindouf camps, are stranded in northern Mauritania, waiting for the green light of the Moroccan consular authorities in Nouadhibou ...

Polisario: An ID Card Reveals Links with Jihadists

The discovery of an ID card on the corpse of a fighter came to confirm what was already known. Malian military identified a fighter killed recently in an ambush in northern Mali as ...

Tindouf : Assassination of two Sahrawis by Algerian Army Resurfaces in Geneva

The case of the two Sahrawi tradesmen from the Tindouf camps who were coldly killed by the Algerian army near the Mauritanian border, in January 2014, has resurfaced in Geneva. The ...
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