Parlacen Shows Polisario Representative in Panama the Red Card

The Polisario has been humiliated in Latin America, where its so-called representative in Panama, Ali Mhamed Mbarek, was firmly expelled from the official ceremony of power transfer ...

Polisario irked by Uruguay’s refusal to seize a cargo of Moroccan phosphate

The authorities of Uruguay, one of the few Latin American countries that still support the Polisario’s separatist claims, refused to seize a ship carrying 300 tons of Moroccan ...

Moroccan Phosphate: Polisario’s action dismissed by Panama Justice

The Panamanian Justice rejected a request by the Polisario for the seizure in the Panama Canal of a cargo of Moroccan phosphates onboard Ultra Innovation ship. The cargo, loaded in ...

Sahara: Algiers, the Polisario jump on everything to score points but only glean failures

The Polisario Front and its Algerian mentor have tried every manoeuver in an attempt to score even the least points in their struggle against Morocco around its Sahara, but they only ...

Sahara : Algiers, the Polisario Slapped in the Face

The Polisario and its Algerian protector received slaps in the face twice in less than two months. The two blows were dealt by Panama and Paraguay which both withdrew their recognition ...

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