Algeria, Polisario Caught Short by Morocco on the African Chessboard

Algerian rulers and the Polisario leaders are caught short by the diplomatic and economic offensive Morocco is staging on the African chessboard, at the initiative of King Mohammed ...

Polisario, its sympathizers suffer defeat in Spanish Senate

The Spanish Senate dealt a new blow to the Polisario and its supporters when it rejected on Wednesday a motion tabled by a Catalan party demanding official recognition by Spain of the ...

Moroccan King’s Approach in Africa Sounds the Death Knell for the Pseudo- “SADR”

Morocco’s readmission to the African Union last Monday following the endorsement of an overwhelming majority of 39 out of the 54 AU member states indirectly questions the legitimacy ...

Kenyan Amina Mohamed’s Blunder in the Tindouf Quagmire

Kenya’s Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed made an odd trip to the Tindouf camps in southwestern Algeria on Sunday, December 4, while she is in the midst of her campaign for the presidency ...

Ethiopia Pledges to Back Morocco’s Return To AU During Next African Summit

The Government of Ethiopia has vowed to support Morocco’s return to the African Union (AU) during next African Summit scheduled for 2017. The pledge was made last weekend following ...

Polisario chief a“ Wanted Man” in Spain

Brahim Ghali, the Sahrawi torturer and slayer, who was turned last July by his Algerian masters and intel military commanders, into Head of the polisario’s self-proclaimed RASD, ...
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