Celebration in Panama Highlights Morocco’s Role in Promoting Dialogue for Peace in Middle East

Morocco’s role in promoting dialogue for peace in the Middle East was highlighted in Panama, during the celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the Abraham Agreements and the agreement to restore relations between Morocco and Israel. In accordance with the high royal guidelines, Morocco works resolutely for the promotion of dialogue as a means to achieve peace and stability, said Thursday the Ambassador of the Kingdom in Panama, Bouchra Boudchiche. The Moroccan diplomat took part Thursday in the capital of the Caribbean country in a ceremony to unveil a commemorative plaque named “Tree of Peace” on the Plaza of Democracy, on the occasion of the celebration of the second anniversary of the agreements. According to a statement by the diplomatic representation of the Kingdom in Panama, Boudchiche recalled in her speech, that the resumption of diplomatic relations with Israel has strengthened Morocco in the principles governing its foreign policy, namely the promotion of peace and security and the encouragement of the culture of dialogue. The unveiling ceremony of the plaque “Tree of Peace” was also attended by the Israeli Ambassador, Itar Bardov, the representative of the United States Embassy, Ory Abramowicz, and the Deputy Mayor of Panama City, Judy Meana.