Upper House Speaker to Partake in Establishing Forum of Shura Councils, Similar Councils in Islamic World

Speaker of the House of Advisors Naama Mayara will participate in establishing the Forum of Shura Councils and similar councils in the Islamic world from 24 to 26 October in Bandung, Indonesia. The House of Advisors said in a statement that this participation, at the invitation of Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly Chairman Bambang Susatiu, reflects the adherence of the House in the process of strengthening cooperation with similar councils in Islamic countries. It is also part of the strengthening of relations at the level of Islamic parliamentary organizations, and this to enshrine the role of the Kingdom of Morocco in supporting all just causes of the Ummah, said the same source. This visit, during which Mayara will be accompanied by the third vice-president of the House, Fouad Kadiri, is also part of the support of all initiatives aimed at consolidating cohesion in the Islamic world, strengthening coordination and inter-parliamentary consultation with the Shura councils and similar councils in the Islamic world, as well as the exchange of experiences and expertise on issues of common interest, notes the statement.