Morocco-Spain High Level Meeting to Establish Solid Trust for Future – Writer-Journalist –

The Moroccan-Spanish High Level Meeting is a Summit aimed at strengthening trust between the two countries, by establishing a constructive Euro-Mediterranean neighborhood model, stressed writer-journalist Abdelhamid Jmahri. In an editorial to be published in the Wednesday issue of the Arabic daily “Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki”, Jmahri said that the two kingdoms overlook the Atlantic, which distinguishes them from other countries around the Mediterranean and North Africa, and sets them as “guardians” of the gateway to the Mediterranean at a time of great geostrategic change. He added that this Moroccan-Spanish High Level Meeting is extremely important, as it is the first summit to be held in seven years, since the right-wing government of Mariano Rajoy, and it is also the first to be held after the crisis that shook relations between the two countries in 2021. Jmahri said, moreover, that Pedro Sanchez has placed the Euro-Moroccan equation at the heart of bilateral relations, believing that the European dimension in Moroccan-Spanish relations draws its strength from the current context “in which an ideological elite and hypocritical policies have put the European Parliament in an unusual situation that has led to a resolution strange to the general climate that pervades the EU-Moroccan relations.” He noted that the Spanish Socialists, who hold the presidency of the European Union are aware of the importance of Morocco for the Old Continent and the interest that the Kingdom represents for the 27 members of the Union, collectively or individually. Jmahri noted that the economic dimension is of great weight in relations between Europe and Morocco, given that the EU is the Kingdom’s first trading partner and investor. He noted, in the same context, that the Spanish realize that there is an urgent need, expressed clearly by the Spanish diplomat Gustavo de Aristegui, for further Euro-Moroccan integration of the economies of both countries. Morocco, without being a member of the Union, remains a partner that enjoys a distinguished position, he stressed. Jmahri concluded that it is very appropriate for Morocco to have a friend in whom it trusts and who clearly defends this friendship.