Strategic Twinning between Rabat, Madrid, Barrier against Maneuvers to Exacerbate Tensions in Mediterranean Region – Writer-journalist –

The writer-journalist, Abdelhamid Jmahri stressed that the wish today of Morocco and Spain, after clarifying the foundations of their cooperation, is to establish a geostrategic twinning that goes beyond the limits of a close cooperation and a privileged partnership, thus blocking the road to the maneuvers aimed at exacerbating tensions in the Mediterranean region. In an editorial to be published in Saturday’s edition of the Arabic-language daily ”Al Itihad Al Ichtiraki”, he noted that this ambition is clearly displayed through the will of HM King Mohammed VI in His call to inaugurate ”a new unprecedented stage” and also that of King Felipe VI of Spain calling to weave relations of partnership for the 21st century. He underlined that the High Level Meeting held last Thursday in Rabat is a source of strategic partnerships between countries concerned with a perfect understanding of their common interests and also sharing the same conception of the interactions of international action, in the present as in the future. While stressing that the two Kingdoms have set a living example of the priority of the conciliatory diplomatic approach and its supremacy in the settlement of disputes, he said that the agreements signed during this High Level Meeting focus on key targeted sectors, in support of a common appreciation of priorities. The editorialist pointed out that these are partnership projects with strategic objectives that are not limited only to strengthening the current cooperation which is beneficial to both parties, but well beyond the present, encompassing in the future the areas, among others, of culture, security, renewable energy or ties with the European Union. He noted, in this regard, that the Spanish side has particularly insisted on the necessary consideration of an institutional twinning between Morocco and the European Union, a condition almost unavoidable for Spain to successfully implement its partnership with Morocco. Another sign of this strategic partnership raised by Abdelhamid Jmahri, the determination expressed in the joint statement from this High Level Meeting to preserve relations between Morocco and the European Union and to strengthen them further, an intelligent option that represents, in his view, the best response to the overbidding of the European Parliament. After emphasizing the holistic nature of this strategic partnership between the two countries, encompassing in an unprecedented approach all areas including cultural and linguistic fields, he stressed that the accelerated achievement at the current stage of the objectives set in their entirety is the only way to achieve very quickly the realization of this strategic twinning, thus consolidating the major role of Morocco and Spain in the Mediterranean in support of geographical proximity and in the name of history and geostrategy, at a time of perfect communion conducive to the initiation of a decisive turn in the Mediterranean region. He underlined that this strategic twinning also blocks the road to other pernicious projects in the region whose carriers know only the language of arms and seek by all means to stir up tensions in the Mediterranean region and afterwards in the sub-Saharan region.