In ‘Pegasus’ Case, European Parliament Has Judged Morocco Before End of Investigation – Writer-journalist –

The European Parliament has judged Morocco before the end of the investigation in the case ”Pegasus”, said writer-journalist, Abdelhamid Jmahri. In an editorial published in Wednesday’s edition of the Arabic-language daily ”Al Itihad Al Ichtiraki”, Jmahri noted that history will remember that the European Parliament has taken a resolution against Morocco in a case that is still under investigation about the spying software ”Pegasus”. “History will also remember that in the European parliamentary democracy that prides itself on being a universal model, MPs have issued a judgment against Morocco before discussing the case in a parliamentary committee”, he said, adding that the Greens, the radical left and the far right have plunged Western democracy into a Kafkaesque atmosphere so as to suggest that part of the Old continent is again in the grip of a totalitarian regime. “They judged and then asked Morocco to present the charge,” he said, pointing out that Morocco had challenged its enemies, calling on Amnesty International and others to provide concrete proof of the allegations contained in their reports, going so far as to defy all Europeans by using French justice to bring a case against its accusers. But instead of this being an opportunity for the judiciary to prove the allegations of the deep state where it practices, it dismissed this appeal on the grounds that states do not sue in such cases. While noting that the resolution in the form of a recommendation of the European Parliament dated January 19 accusing Morocco of having used the spyware ”Pegasus” is a blatant proof on the flagrant hostility towards Morocco and its causes, the editorialist noted that the resolution was taken even before the holding of the meeting of the second committee scheduled next Thursday and whose agenda includes Morocco. For the director of ”Al Itihad Al Ichtiraki”, this attitude of the European Parliament is explained by the pressure on the European Commission which did not follow the maneuvers of MPs against Morocco. “All those whose names have been mentioned among the presidents of state and heads of Western governments, including Pedro Sanchez and his group, have cleared Morocco”, he said, noting that ”the French, led by Emmanuel Macron, are aware of the intentions behind this game and that is why they have not asked Morocco to provide an explanation”. “But no one among the Europeans seems to feel the slightest sense of shame at what is going on in an institution that bears the universal values of democracy, wisdom and justice. Just like the newspaper “Le Monde” and the website “Forbidden Stories” which have not deigned to apologize despite their involvement in hostile attacks against the truth,” he lamented. He also questioned the ability of the European Parliament to set itself up as a model, to give lessons after this flagrant violation of the most basic principles of parliamentary work and also its dubious silence on the 22 countries accused of having used the spyware “Peagsus”. “For, otherwise, it is a matter of seeking the truth in the lie. The European lie vis-à-vis countries jealous of their sovereignty and refusing in any case to be under the tutelage of the ejected colonizer”, he concluded.