Upper House Closes October session of Legislative Year 2022-2023

The House of Advisors closed, Tuesday, the October session of the legislative year 2022-2023, of the 11th legislature (2021-2026). Speaking on this occasion, speaker of the House of Advisors, Naam Miyara, reviewed the major events that have characterized this session, which he called “successful”, as well as the achievements on the various fronts of parliamentary action, including the legislative, monitoring and evaluation of public policies and parliamentary diplomacy components. He also noted that the work of the current legislative session coincided, internationally, with a global context marked by increasing challenges both in terms of undermining the security and stability of countries, against the background of the continuing Ukrainian-Russian crisis and its various impacts, or in terms of the slowdown of the world economy, due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the rise in energy prices, the cost of raw materials, the return of inflation and the weak international response to the phenomenon of climate change and its repercussions, including drought and water stress. “Like other countries, Morocco, by virtue of its geostrategic situation, has found itself obliged to face these risks and pressures,” he said, adding that the Kingdom’s assets lie mainly in its historical experience, its cultural weight, its economic and natural attributes, and its socio-political cohesion. For Miyara, this particularity is the safety valve to meet the challenges and constraints with all the vigilance and mobilization required, and strengthen the resilience of the Kingdom, and its ability to transform crises into opportunities to advance in the implementation of its programs and development plans as well as the realization of its structuring projects, considered as a pioneering regional model, enjoying a deserved consideration and respect on the international scene. In this context, and with regard to recent developments in the Kingdom’s relations with its European neighbor, the speaker of the House of Advisors sent “a direct message to the parties and political currents that have involved the European Parliament in hostile and gratuitous behavior towards its strategic partner of trust, namely Morocco”. “We are clear about the true origins of this unacceptable slip, and we renew our firm condemnation of this unjustified position, which is absolutely contrary to the political, legal, economic, social and sustainable development that our country is experiencing under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, and which is in total contradiction with the spirit of partnership and cooperation,” he said. Such positions actually denote a blatant inability to formulate rational positions vis-à-vis partners, which only increases Morocco’s deep conviction of the rightness of its strategic choices and its commitment to values and national identity, he added.