MEP Calls for Preserving Partnership with Morocco, Pillar of EU Policy in Africa, the Mediterranean

MEP Thierry Mariani called for preserving the partnership between the European Union and Morocco, which is a pillar of European policy in Africa and the Mediterranean. “Relations with Morocco are essential (Editor’s note: for the EU) on the migratory, economic, security and geopolitical levels,” said the MEP, who was speaking Monday at a plenary session of the European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg, stressing the need to “preserve and renew the dialogue” with the Kingdom. Thierry Mariani denounced the last resolution hostile to the kingdom, which questions a decision of the Moroccan justice, describing this situation of “particularly worrying”. He was also surprised that at a time when there is talk of interference, the Intergroup “Western Sahara” continues to regularly promote the theses of “polisario” and relay those of Algeria in this part of the world. The MEP considered it “absolutely necessary” that parliamentary diplomacy can play its role in the current situation. The Parliament of the Kingdom of Morocco had announced, in a joint statement of the two Houses on January 23, its decision to reconsider its relations with the European Parliament by subjecting them to a comprehensive reassessment, aiming to take firm and appropriate decisions, following the latest positions of the European Parliament towards Morocco. The Parliament decided to create an ad-hoc thematic committee dedicated to the re-evaluation of relations with the EP and composed of representatives of both Houses of the Parliament.