Algerian ‘News’ Agency Raves about So-called ‘Diplomatic Victory’ over Morocco in Corridors of Arab League

Once again, Algeria has not found a way to cover its bitter failure at the 111th session of the Economic and Social Council at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, except to mobilize its body, the Algerian “news” agency (APS) which, as usual, invented a statement inspired by its imagination by attributing it to the Arab League, stating that it “regretted” the “unacceptable behavior” of the permanent representative of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Arab League. Indeed, Morocco, which chaired the last session of the Council, and won the appreciation of the General Secretariat of the Arab League for its management of the stage of accession to the presidency, thwarted at this meeting the plan drawn up by Algeria to adopt two resolutions, the first of which was designed and attributed to the Council of Arab Ministers of Housing, and the second was intended to offend Morocco. The Moroccan delegate to the Arab League strongly opposed the adoption of these two resolutions, as well as Arab countries that expressed their solidarity with the Kingdom and rejected this plan devised by Algeria, which everyone realizes today that it exploits the wealth and people of the country to harm the interests of Morocco. In addition, the Algerian agency’s text contained countless media and ethical misunderstandings, the purpose of which, as always, is to mislead the Algerian people and convince them of the continued realization of Algerian diplomatic achievements at the expense of Morocco in international fora. This behavior actually reflects the extent of the situation of confusion that Algeria is experiencing at several levels of which diplomacy and the media are only one of these pathetic and surprising manifestations. Also, full Arab support for the Kingdom of Morocco in the Arab League has become a reality that disturbs Algeria, which has tried in vain to involve the Arab League and bring it to adopt positions hostile to the interests of Morocco, but this country is faced with arguments and strong Moroccan positions, as well as an absolute Arab rejection of the outdated proposals that have echoes only in the Algerian media.