Morocco’s PPS Party ‘Deeply Stunned’ by Tendentious Call to Hold ‘International Conference on Sahara’

The Political Bureau of the Progress and Socialism Party (PPS) said on Wednesday it has been “deeply stunned” by the tendentious call to hold an “international conference on the Sahara”, noting that the aim of this maneuver is to “relieve the United Nations of this issue” which is its exclusive jurisdiction. In a reaction published on the PPS official website, the political bureau said that some circles in France have recently disseminated a call for “holding an international conference on the Sahara issue” in a vain attempt to confuse the cards and bring the issue back to square one, after the positive developments recorded recently at the level of the process of its settlement through the profound changes in the positions of many influential countries on this issue.” The party considers that the launch of this call which coincides with the anti-Moroccan campaign conducted by some circles, especially in France, “will ultimately lead to undermine the achievements of the settlement process, at a time when the signs of a final settlement of this endemic conflict is on the horizon.” The PPS Political Bureau notes, in this regard, that this “obsolete proposal” which has never settled any international or regional problem and would “lead the region of the Maghreb and Sahel and by ricochet, Europe, in the spiral of threats even more serious than those posed today.” While denouncing this maneuver as well as the intentions behind it, the PPS called on all national forces to be extremely vigilant against the potential repercussions of such theses.