Foreign Affairs Ministry Held 172 Trade Missions from, to Morocco, FM Reveals

Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates Nasser Bourita told the House of Representatives on Monday that his department organized a total of 172 trade missions to and from Morocco during 2022. The ministry also helped organize 150 economic forums and sectoral exhibitions, and 145 trade liaison operations for Moroccan and foreign investors, said the minister, in response to an oral question from the National Rally of Independents group on economic diplomacy. In addition, the Ministry has acted as mediator between Moroccan and foreign operators, with a view to resolving 51 commercial disputes, he stressed. The department’s role is also reflected in the signing of 95 economic agreements, noted Bourita, pointing out that Morocco currently has a total of 1,400 economic agreements covering areas such as investment and trade, all of which are tools made available to Moroccan economic operators. Economic diplomacy is an important component of the Kingdom’s foreign policy, as outlined by HM King Mohammed VI, he stressed, pointing out that Morocco’s strength lies in its diplomatic network, comprising 105 embassies and 57 consulates, which helps to promote the “Label Maroc” and the Kingdom’s assets and potential.