Tindouf Camps: Demonstrations, Arrests & Violence in front of Polisario chief’s HQ

Polisario militias continue their violent repression in the Tindouf camps in Algeria in a bid to muzzle and quell growing protests against the separatist group.
This violence was exacerbated by an attack by militias of the separatists against the family of Sahrawi detainee Mohamed Salem Maa El Ainin Asweed, outside the office of Brahim Ghali, during which they used excessive force and violence against the protestors.
The attack left several women injured, while a large number of people were arrested including, Didi Mohamed Souid, Mohamed Malaainine Souid, Abdelhay Limam Jouli, Banna Ould Bougrine, Ould Zobeir Ould Maatala, Aziz Ould Hmetu Ould Maatala, Ould Abreir, Khalihenna ould Jouli Ould Nane, Hossein Ould Sidi Moussa, Moulay Ould Malaainine Souid and Hmetou Ould Maatala.
The Polisario militia continues to crackdown on some of protesters, while some of the detainees have posted audios saying they are held in Dheibiya prison, says the Forum of Support to Autonomists of Tindouf (Forsatin) in its website.