Gov’t Treats Foreign, Domestic Investment on Equal Footing – Minister

The government treats foreign and domestic investment on an equal footing, Mustapha Baïtas, Minister Delegate for Relations with Parliament and Government Spokesman, said on Thursday in Rabat. Foreign and domestic investors benefit from the same advantages, to strengthen the company’s ability to invest and guarantee the rights of regions with low investment demand, through territorial investment premiums aimed at strengthening regional balance and reducing pressure on the regions, said Baitas, who was answering questions at a press briefing held at the end of the weekly meeting of the Government Council. The efforts deployed in the investment field target both foreign and domestic investment, noted the Minister, adding that since its installation by HM the King, the government has been dealing with the investment dossier on the basis of the investment reform plan in order to support changes in the field, in addition to the adoption of the framework law on the Investment Charter as part of an open dialogue with the various stakeholders. The Minister also recalled the efforts of the current and successive governments, within the framework of HM the King’s directives, linked to infrastructure development (airports, ports, freeways and industrial zones), to the Finance Acts of the last two years, which implemented the recommendations issued in the two national debates on taxation. “The effort was clear and the worksites are continuing, and we are currently in the middle of revising the laws relating to regional investment councils, in order to simplify all procedures and measures,” underlined Baitas, recalling the investment roadmap for the period 2023-2026, which includes axes linked to facilitating investment and entrepreneurship operations and improving competitiveness factors, in addition to supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.