Combatting Illegal Migration: Morocco’s Efforts in Figures?

Migration governance in Morocco is based on a holistic, multi-dimensional approach which, by prioritizing respect for the migrants’ rights and dignity, is intended to be efficient and proactive in the fight against mafia networks and human trafficking.

 Here follow some figures on the Kingdom’s extensive efforts to combat illegal migration.

 – Over 360,000 illegal migration attempts have been thwarted since 2017. 
- Since 2018, more than 8,100 African nationals have benefited from voluntary returns organized and financed by the Ministry of the Interior by both air and land.
 – Around 2,400 people returned in 2021 and over 1,100 in 2020 as part of voluntary returns.   – Morocco’s Royal  Navy rescued almost 15,000 people at sea in 2021 and 2,384 in 2022. – 1,300 networks dismantled over the past 5 years.

   – Arrest of 32,733 would-be illegal immigrants, including 28,146 foreigners of various nationalities. 
- Dismantling of 92 criminal networks involved in clandestine organization.
 – Arrest of 566 organizers and intermediaries, an increase of over 36% compared with 2021, in addition to the arrest of 415 organizers of illegal immigration.
 – Seizure of 832 false travel or identity documents, 193 boats, 156 marine engines and 61 vehicles used in the organization of migration operations. – Some 50,000 migrants have regularized their situation thanks to the exceptional operation to regularize the situation of immigrants in Morocco, held in 2014 and 2017.