Tarascon Court Ruling Is Umpteenth Victory for Morocco – Academic

The ruling issued by the Tarascon court against the Confédération Paysanne, a French trade union organization instrumentalized in obstructing the agricultural agreement between Morocco and the European Union, is an umpteenth victory for the Kingdom and its people, said Madagascan academic Ravaka Andrianaivotseheno. “We can only congratulate the Moroccan business community, as this decision will further encourage foreign investment in Morocco,” Andrianaivotseheno, a law professor at the University of Antananarivo, told MAP. Stressing that this is “a victory for the Moroccan people and the government of HM King Mohammed VI”, she noted that this decision will strengthen the Kingdom’s influence and its commitment to the African continent. The Madagascan jurist also considered that the legal action brought by the French farmers’ union before the Tarascon Commercial Court was part of the sabotage targeting Morocco’s various partnerships and collaborations. She recalled that the court had dismissed this legal action against the French company IDYL. Last Tuesday, the Tarascon court issued a ruling that aborted the French farmers’ union’s legal maneuvers aimed at preventing the French company specializing in the marketing of Moroccan fruit and vegetables, including from the southern provinces, from distributing its products. This French trade union organization, supported by the “polisario” and its accomplices in France, is involved in the judicial harassment of the agricultural agreement between Morocco and the European Union.