Royal Speech Reflects Seriousness to Build “Positive, Dynamic” Regional Space – Expert –

HM King Mohammed VI’s Speech to the Nation on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the accession of the Sovereign to the Throne of His glorious ancestors reflects a royal seriousness to build a “positive and dynamic” regional space in line with the expectations of the peoples of the region, underlined the Moroccan-Canadian political scientist Hicham Mouatadid. “The Sovereign’s choice to reassure the leaders and people of Algeria that no evil will ever be done to them nor will any harm ever come to them from Morocco confirms the royal seriousness and the Kingdom’s hope to build a positive and dynamic space that meets the expectations of the two neighboring peoples,” Mouatadid told MAP.  For the expert, it is a call to commit to building a channel of political communication between the two countries. He also noted that His Majesty the King’s aspiration for things to return to normality and the borders to be reopened reflects the Sovereign’s will to allow the two peoples to “build their development together” and to explore all possible avenues to seize the various opportunities presented. “Morocco has always chosen to leave the door open,” said the political scientist, adding that the royal speech was frank, direct and full of hope towards Algeria.