Twining Between Moroccan & Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Offices, Another Aspect of Cooperation Between Two Kingdoms Facing Common Challenges – Official –

The twinning program between Moroccan and Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Offices reflects another aspect of cooperation between two neighboring Kingdoms, united by ancestral relations and faced with common challenges relating to justice and the fight against crime, the King’s Attorney General at the Court of Cassation, President of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, El Hassan Daki, said Thursday in Rabat. Speaking at the closing ceremony of this twinning program, Daki stressed that this initiative illustrates the advanced status enjoyed by Morocco with the European Union and reflects another aspect of the cooperation relations between the two neighboring Kingdoms. These two Kingdoms, he added, are united by ancestral relations and face common challenges relating to justice and the fight against crime, which require intensifying efforts and resorting to all mechanisms of cooperation available in order to create a model of cooperation between the two countries and the two shores of the Mediterranean, in its Euro-Mediterranean and Euro-African dimensions. The closing ceremony of this twinning program testifies to the depth and solidity of the exceptional cooperation and friendship relations between Morocco and Spain, he underlined. For his part, Spanish Ambassador to Morocco, Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner Rodriguez, stressed that the twinning program reflects the rich cooperation between Rabat and Madrid in various fields, and offers an opportunity to exchange good practices between Moroccan and Spanish institutions. Jean-Christophe Filori, Head of Cooperation within the Delegation of the European Union to Morocco, said that this twinning program has opened new prospects for cooperation between the Moroccan Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Delegation of the European Union, paving the way for other projects to strengthen this exceptional partnership. The twinning program is part of the partnership agreement between the Kingdom of Morocco and the EU to support the reform of the judicial system. Its main aim is to contribute to strengthening the institutional capacities of Morocco’s Public Prosecutor’s Office in order to improve its effectiveness and efficiency in the monitoring and improvement of the performance of the various prosecutor’s offices in the Kingdom’s courts.