Statement by the Royal Office

Here follows a statement by the Royal Office: “His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, may God assist Him, Chairman of the Higher Council of Ulema, on Friday 21 Dou Al Hijja 1445 H corresponding to June 28, 2024, kindly gave His High Directives to the Council, to examine some points contained in the proposals of the Body in charge of revising the Family Code, with reference to the principles and precepts of the holy religion of Islam and its tolerant purposes, and to submit a Fatwa in this regard to the High Appreciation of the Sovereign. This referral comes after the Body in charge of revising the Family Code accomplished its mission within the allotted time and submitted its proposals to the High Appreciation of His Majesty the King. Considering that some proposals are related to religious texts, the Sovereign has decided to refer the matter to the Higher Council of Ulema, which is, in accordance with Article 41 of the Constitution, the only body empowered to issue officially approved Fatwas. The Sovereign also called on the Higher Council of Ulema to take into account, during the elaboration of its Fatwa, the content of the Royal Letter addressed to the Head of Government, which calls for adopting the virtues of moderation and open and constructive Ijtihad, while taking into consideration the norm repeatedly advocated by His Majesty the King, may God preserve Him, according to which one cannot make licit what is forbidden, nor forbid what is authorized.