British Lords Member Calls for ‘Full Recognition’ of Morocco’s Sovereignty over its Sahara

Member of the British House of Lords Daniel Hannan called for the recognition of Morocco’s “full sovereignty” over its Sahara and for stronger trade relations between the two kingdoms. “We must not only remove tariffs but also establish a digital corridor between Tangier and our ports to streamline paperwork and attract investment. (…) and ensure that our trade policy fully recognizes Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara,” he wrote in an opinion piece published by “The Daily Telegraph” on Saturday. Lord Hannan, who also heads the Institute for Free Trade, said that he was “stunned” by Morocco’s industrial sites during a visit to the Kingdom last week. He noted that the Tangier Med port “is the largest port not just in Africa but also in the Mediterranean,” adding that “a huge automotive industry has flourished around it.” Over the past two decades, an aeronautical center has developed in Casablanca, and the country’s main cities are linked by high-speed trains, Lord Hannan said. In his opinion, “few countries are as well located for wind and solar energy and its by-product, green hydrogen.” Morocco has taken the strategic decision to diversify, he continued, adding that the Institute for Free Trade has proposed several ideas to liberalize trade between the two kingdoms. Such a policy would enable the UK to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Brexit, the former MEP concluded.