Relations between Morocco and Spain, a Model of Coexistence and Good Neighborliness – Egyptian Expert –

Relations between Morocco and Spain are a model of “cultural coexistence, good neighborliness and civilizational interdependence”, said Egyptian expert in international relations Nabil Nejm Eddine. Nejm Eddine told MAP, on the occasion of the visit paid to Rabat by the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, that the two Kingdoms enjoy centuries-old relations due to their geographical proximity, stressing that migratory movements between the two countries have contributed to strengthening the reciprocal presence of the culture of each nation. The Egyptian expert, who stressed the “close” relations between the Royal Families of Morocco and Spain, stressed that Madrid is well aware of the strategic importance of Morocco on the southern shore of the Mediterranean and in Africa as a factor of stability and security in an unstable region. Nejm Eddine recalled, in this regard, the “positive” stance of the Spanish government on the issue of Morocco’s territorial integrity, emphasizing the concordance of the political positions of the two countries on all regional questions as well as the significant investment flow and bilateral trade, which are likely to be strengthened after their joint organization with Portugal of the 2030 World Cup.