State Department Magazine Highlights U.S-Morocco’s Long-standing, Multifaceted Partnership

State Magazine, the U.S. State Department Magazine, has highlighted, in its March issue, the “enduring, multifaceted and long-standing” partnership between the United States and Morocco. Morocco “is a country with which we have a deep, rich, multifaceted partnership”, underlined U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Puneet Talwar, cited by the Magazine, adding that the Kingdom is “a very reliable and solid partner”. The diplomat deemed it critical to maintain the pace to advance areas of mutual interest and work on the challenges the two countries face. In this new issue, State Magazine recalls the recognition in 2020 by the United States of the full sovereignty of Morocco over its southern provinces via a presidential proclamation. The Magazine, which devoted its “Post of the Month” section to Morocco and its strategic partnership with the United States, accompanies the article with a photo of the full map of Morocco with its Sahara. The Magazine further states that Morocco is rapidly modernizing its infrastructure and economy to capitalize on its role as a strategic hub in the region and world-class travel destination, noting the United States will continue to stand by the Kingdom, an Atlantic neighbor, ally and friend of America. Highlighting Rabat’s commitment to African development, State Magazine recalls that Morocco leveraged the 2023 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the IMF in Marrakech to highlight the need for investment throughout Africa.