Aboubakr Jamaï : A journalist serving Algerian interests

Algerian intelligence services are instrumentalizing Aboubakr Jamaï, a mercenary of information, who works for Algeria’s agenda and its puppet entity, the Polisario.

This corrupted journalist expressed himself on the Spanish online media Publico, defending but failing to convince opinions that align with Algerian geopolitical interests by attacking Moroccan and Spanish political and security institutions regarding the Sahara.

Algeria pursues propaganda and disinformation objectives aimed at discrediting Morocco on the international stage, and Aboubakr Jamaï is used as a means to achieve these goals.

Moroccan autonomy for the Sahara represents a promising path towards a peaceful and lasting resolution of the conflict in the region. Firstly, it is important to recognize the historical and cultural legitimacy of Morocco in this area. The Sahara has long been an integral part of the Moroccan kingdom, and autonomy under its auspices respects this reality while addressing the aspirations of the local populations.

International community support for this solution is a key element. Countries like Spain and France have expressed their support for Moroccan autonomy for the Sahara, thus recognizing Morocco’s willingness to find a peaceful and consensual solution to a conflict deliberately maintained by Algiers. This international support reinforces the legitimacy and credibility of this approach.

Furthermore, regional cooperation, notably with countries like Mauritania, plays a crucial role in promoting peace and stability. Democratization and political openness in Morocco are favorable elements for the implementation of autonomy, as they contribute to creating an environment conducive to the participation and representation of diverse stakeholders.

Finally, on the diplomatic front, it is encouraging to note that Arab countries and many others, including the United States, recognize the Kingdom’s sovereignty over the Sahara. This international consensus provides a solid framework for constructive and balanced negotiations aimed at achieving a just and lasting settlement.

Moroccan autonomy for the Sahara represents a positive and realistic aspect to end this artificially created conflict, taking into account the legitimate interests of all parties involved and benefiting from essential international and regional support for its successful implementation.