AU-PSC: Morocco Reiterates Imperative of Peace, Security, Development Nexus Approach for Conflict Prevention in Africa

Morocco reiterated, on Wednesday in Addis Ababa before the African Union (AU) Peace and Security and Council (PSC), the imperative of the Peace, Security and Development Nexus approach to conflict prevention in Africa. Speaking at the 1211th meeting of the AU PSC devoted to assessing the implementation of the Protocol establishing the AU-PSC, on the occasion of the commemoration of the Council’s 20th anniversary, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Morocco to the AU and the UNECA, Mohamed Arrouchi, stressed that in order to assess the implementation of the Protocol’s provisions, several elements should be evaluated, notably the effectiveness of the AU PSC’s interventions in conflict prevention and resolution in the targeted African regions, particularly in terms of the methods used, their effectiveness and their impact. The diplomat, who leads the Moroccan delegation to this meeting, recalled the need to evaluate the Council’s operational capacity, analyzing in particular whether the PSC has the necessary resources to carry out its missions and effectively fulfill its mandate of conflict prevention, management and resolution. Stressing that the Council’s financial dependence remains a handicap, which is the subject of lengthy debates and discussions, Arrouchi was keen to point out the importance of the support, both political and financial, given by member states to the AU PSC. He recalled, in this respect, that Morocco is among the first countries in paying its financial contributions, in general, and those made within the framework of the AU Peace Fund. The Ambassador, Permanent Representative also called for consideration to be given to the PSC’s long-term impact on the stability and development of African populations, especially as the Council is not meant to play a conjunctural role. Hence the need for a long-term vision, he insisted. As such, the Moroccan diplomat highlighted the importance of evaluating the Council’s current efficiency and its capacity to adapt and face future challenges. Arrouchi reiterated the relevance of integrating the multidimensional approach, based on the Peace, Security and Development Nexus, into the strategies and operations of the AU’s PSC. This will enhance the effectiveness of the Council’s interventions by tackling, in an integrated and holistic manner, the root causes of problems linked to peace, security and development on the continent, he reaffirmed.