Morocco Arrests Four Daesh Supporters

Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), under the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGST), on Thursday arrested four supporters of the terrorist organization “Daesh” for their alleged involvement in preparing terrorist plans aimed at seriously undermining public order.    DGST Special Forces launched intervention and arrest procedures as part of separate and simultaneous operations targeting the suspects, aged 21 to 41, in the cities of Salé, Tangier and Tetouan, BCIJ pointed out in a press release.    During search operations at their homes, officers seized electronic equipment, bladed weapons of different sizes, a Daesh banner, a set of extremist manuscripts, like the text of “allegiance” to this terrorist organization, in addition to publications on the legitimacy of “martyrdom operations” and the method of manufacturing and assembling explosive devices.    According to preliminary investigations, the suspects, steeped in the extremist ideology of “Daesh” and pledged their allegiance to the so-called “emir” of this organization, were planning extremely dangerous terrorist projects targeting vital and sensitive facilities in the Kingdom, the press release noted, adding that the suspects were effectively observing and identifying the targets.    Investigations showed that the suspects, who had acquired expertise in manufacturing explosive devices, had established links with “Daesh” leaders abroad, so that they could support and claim their subversive projects immediately after their perpetration in the Kingdom.    The suspects were taken into custody to complete the preliminary investigation under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office in charge of terrorism cases to identify all their terrorist plans and projects, and elucidate possible ramifications with other terrorist organizations abroad.