Morocco’s Public Prosecutor Holds Talks in Rabat with Judicial Delegation from Peru

Morocco’s Prosecutor General of the King to the Court of Cassation, President of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, El Hassan Daki, held talks, here Tuesday with Head of the Judiciary and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Peru, Javier Arévalo Vela, who is on a working visit to Morocco, to discuss ways of strengthening judicial cooperation between the two countries and sharing expertise and experience in this field. The two sides also discussed the prospects for cooperation between the two countries’ judicial institutions and ways of further strengthening it, highlighting the need to take advantage of each country’s judicial expertise. In a statement to the press, Daki said that the meeting was an opportunity to review the experience of the two countries in the field of justice management, noting that the Moroccan experience in the field of the independence of the judiciary as well as the presidency of the public prosecutor’s office was presented to the Peruvian side. For his part, Arévalo Vela reiterated the desire to continue strengthening the bonds of friendship between the judiciaries of the two countries, noting that Morocco and Peru have many points in common and have accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise that deserves to be shared mutually.