Spanish Think-Tank Commends Morocco’s ‘Prominent Role’ in East-West Dialogue

Morocco, with a “long history of intercultural coexistence,” plays a “prominent role” in promoting East-West dialogue, stressed the Spanish Institute for Governance and Applied Economics Coordenadas, a prestigious think-tank and research center. “Morocco’s commitment to moderation and religious tolerance made it a key partner for countries in both regions in the promotion of peace and stability,” the Spanish think tank said in a recently published report. “Morocco has always been a witness to the convergence of civilizations and a melting pot of cultural influences,” the report noted, adding that “this historical diversity has not only enriched its heritage, but has also shaped its national identity and its international presence.” The report’s authors also highlighted Morocco’s “active role in promoting peace and security in the region, by collaborating with other countries in the fight against terrorism and extremism.” “Given its geographical location and its position in the world, Morocco is consolidating its position as a key strategic player,” the document noted. According to the Spanish think-tank, Morocco, a meeting point between Africa and Europe, has also played “a crucial role over the centuries in world geopolitics and international trade, becoming a vital node in international relations.” “Political stability in Morocco, in a region plagued by instability, is another fundamental element that showcases its importance. This stability was a key factor to attract foreign investments and promote the country’s economic development,” added the report. “The economic aspect also plays a crucial role in Morocco’s strategic importance. With a diverse economy that includes sectors such as agriculture, industry, tourism and services, Morocco  established itself as an economic powerhouse in Africa,” stressed the Spanish think-tank. “Morocco’s strategic position grants it a competitive edge in international trade, while its skilled workforce and investment-friendly policies have attracted foreign companies from all over the world, turning the Kingdom into an important production and export center, notably in sectors such as automotive, electronics and agriculture,” according to the report.