Sahara: Brief Incursion of Polisario Militias in Guerguerat Border zone

Armed Polisario militiamen made a new brief incursion Tuesday night in the area close to the Guerguerat crossing point between Morocco and Mauritania, reported on Wednesday online news outlet “anbaa-

Following this intrusion, which lasted several hours, the Mauritanian customs speeded up entry process of Moroccan trucks that supply the Mauritanian market with vegetables and fruits especially in this period of health crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a bid to avoid a disruption of the crossing of the inbound trucks loaded with food products which their country needs, the Customs agents have thwarted the scheme of the Polisario militiamen who removed their face-cover after the failure of their vain attempt.

This new provocative act comes less than a week after UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres briefed the Security Council through video conference on the Sahara issue.

As usual, the Polisario Front seizes the opportunity of such a meeting to make provocative acts in the buffer zones controlled by MINURSO peacekeepers in order to show their presence on the ground and exert pressure on the UN Security Council members to force them to take into account its baseless claims.

But as the proverb says: “The dogs bark, the caravan keeps going on”. Morocco has largely reinforced the legitimacy of its position at the United Nations, particularly through its offer of an autonomy plan for the Sahara, a plan which the Security Council has repeatedly described as “serious and credible” in several of its resolutions on the Sahara.

Furthermore, the option of “self-determination referendum” which the Sahrawi separatist movement is demanding, has been discarded a long time ago and excluded definitively from the UN and the Security Council debates.