The Sahara conflict and the challenge of Euromed

The recent election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President of France and his strong involvement in the Mediterranean Union calls for a reevaluation of the Sahara conflict.  France has close ties with the countries of the Maghreb,unlike those with any other region:  trade, human flows, a community of language and culture handed down by history, shared issues and challenges of our times.
All of these special ties call for a global approach and responses at the scale of the Maghreb region, including with regard to resolving the Sahara conflict, for which we hope and pray, and witch is a major issue for the countries concerned. Settling Sahara issue would open the way for reinforced cooperation between EU and the Maghreb.  Solving the issue would develop the human and economic ties between the countries of the region.  Indeed, any regional union needs a leitmotiv to build the community of destinies.  However, the leitmotiv cannot suffer from deep divergences.

The failure to resolve this conflict of more than 30 years poses a danger to regional security, while preventing the economic integration of the Arab Maghreb Union.
Algeria witch has since 1976 hosted the Polisario and the self-proclaimed Sahraoui Republic on its territory and, although providing them with political, diplomatic, logistic financial and military support, has always denied any involvement in this dispute.  Algeria plays a preeminent and dominant role in the Sahara issue.
In the other hand, Morocco is seeking a solution to the Western Sahara dispute based on common ground rather than conflict.  In this regard, morocco is ready to engage resolutely in serious and in depth negotiations with the other parties, with a view to contributing to the achievement of the final, mutually acceptable political solution long awaited.  Now, it's to the other parties to engage in a serious and constructive dialogue on the basis of the Moroccan realist and open initiative to put an end to the artificial conflict, and provide a better future for the entire region.
The "initiative" is a "must-seize" opportunity to burry this old Sahara conflict and to ensure a lasting peace for all parties.