HRC: Moroccan Delegation Exposes Algerian Lies on Moroccan Sahara

The delegation representing Morocco at the 47th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva exposed, on Tuesday, the untruths and fallacious allegations made by Algeria on the situation in the Moroccan Sahara. Addressing the members of the Council, the permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Ambassador Omar Zniber, denounced the lies contained in a statement delivered on behalf of a small group hostile to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, at the instigation of Algeria, noting that this country, as usual, is disturbing the work of the Council by instrumentalizing the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, outside the unique framework in which it is dealt with, namely the United Nations Security Council. Zniber wished to express, in this regard, “his amazement at this declaration, a sad work by the representative of Algeria, whose regime supports, arms and finances the armed separatist group with the sole objective of undermining the territorial integrity of Morocco”. The latest developments have shown that this gang follows in the footsteps of its alleged leader who is being prosecuted in a member country of the European Union for heinous crimes of rape, forcible confinement, torture and execution, and identity theft, he said. “How can the criminal named Brahim Ghali, protected by Algeria, claim, fallaciously, to represent a population, which has many victims of its barbaric behavior, unworthy and against the most basic human rights? what credit can be given to this individual who cannot move freely, but through falsified documents and a usurped identity, to conceal his entry into the European territory and evade its justice, with the help of the Algerian regime and huge sums spent from the Algerian taxpayer’s money, at a time when the brotherly Algerian people are suffering from the absence of the most basic needs?” he wondered. Regarding the allegations of breaking the ceasefire, the question concerns more the party which claims it, namely the armed separatist group of the Polisario, said the ambassador, noting that the separatists seek through this act “to divert the political process from the positive and continuous path of recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara by a very large number of countries”. None of the statements and media agitations affected the parameters of the political solution set by the relevant resolutions of the Security Council, as adopted by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the whole of the international community, Zniber recalled. “There is therefore no breaking of the ceasefire except in the minds of those who advocate it by calling for war and military confrontations, to cover up their failures and their internal dismemberment,” he said.  He also spoke out against the false allegations by the hostile small group about the human rights situation in the southern provinces.