Chad denies SADR


Chad categorically denies restoring diplomatic relations with Polisario


Rabat, July 23 – The Republic of Chad on Sunday categorically denied the news claiming that it would have restored its diplomatic relations with the so-called Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).

    In a statement published on its website, the Chad Prime ministry underlines that the news reported in this respect by the Algerian newspaper "Liberté" are "groundless and full of lies," noting that "no act of diplomatic relations restoration between Chad and the SADR has been signed."

    "We, therefore, call on the national and international public opinions not to be mistaken by this sort of abject and insane manipulation," the statement went on to say.

    For its part, the Chad embassy in Algiers announced, in a statement addressed to the Algerian daily released on Sunday,that its country had denied those news.

    The Algerian daily had published, on July 19, that Chad and the so-called SADR had restored diplomatic ties at the level of ambassadors and that a communiqué was signed by the Chad Prime Minister and Polisario’s representative.

    The embassy’s statement insists that no communiqué has been signed by the Prime Minister regarding this issue, noting that Polisario’s representative came to the Chad capital to present condolences to the Chad president following the death of his son, and was received by the Prime Minister.

    The statement goes on to say that Polisario representative seized this occasion to voice hope the diplomatic relations between Chad and the SADR will be restored, but left empty-handed.

    Since 1976, the Polisario, backed by Morocco's eastern neighbor, Algeria, has been laying claims to Morocco’s Southern Provinces, the Sahara, a former Spanish colony that was ceded to Morocco in 1975 under the Madrid Accord.