Royal Speech: Morocco, Key Player for Regional Peace – Mauritanian Researchers –

The speech delivered by HM King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People carries messages confirming Morocco’s place as a key player in terms of promoting peace in the region as well as the values of tolerance, underlined the president of the Mauritanian-Moroccan association for the Defense of Maghrebian unity, Cheikhani Ould Cheikh. “Today, Morocco is investing not only on the democracy-development plan but also in terms of world peace and tolerance”, the Mauritanian political scientist told MAP. He underlined that this speech was an opportunity to pay tribute to the Revolution of the King and the People and to recall the moments that marked the process of completing the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, as well as tackling the challenges of resolving misunderstandings with allies and neighbors. In this regard, Ould Cheikh underscored the Sovereign’s call to usher a new era in relations between Morocco and Spain, based on trust, transparency, mutual consideration and respect for commitments. This is the cornerstone of a “clear strategy” to end the diplomatic crisis between the two countries, he pointed out, adding that it is time to open a new page between the Maghreb and Europe with respect for good neighborly relations. For his part, Communication expert Kane Hamidou Baba stressed that the Kingdom is facing a deliberate and premeditated attack regarding its territorial integrity. The researcher explained that the Sovereign has underlined that Morocco is a target of attacks because it has been a fully constituted State for more than twelve centuries, in addition to its long Amazigh history, which shows both the singularity of this country in its regional context, and which has been, for more than four centuries, governed by a citizen monarchy, presiding over the destiny of the country and shaping it in a total symbiosis between the Throne and the people. Morocco has remained true to its geographic, historical and cultural depths by formalizing the Amazigh language on the same basis as Arabic, he added.