Elections/Communes and Districts: 157,569 Declarations of Candidacy at National Level – Minister of Interior –

The number of candidacies submitted at the national level for the election of members of communes and districts scheduled for September 8, reached 157,569, including 62,793 in the form of lists and 94,776 in the form of individual candidacies, a national average of nearly 5 applications for each seat compared to 130,925 candidacies in 2015, up by 20%, the Minister of Interior said in a statement. The number of female candidates for communal councils increased compared to the 2015 elections, reaching 47,060 for September 8, 2021 elections (nearly 30% of the total number of candidates), the statement noted. Regarding the number of communal advisors who have presented their candidacies for the communal elections of September 8, 2021, amounted to 21,744 (69% of the total members currently in office). By political affiliation, the candidacies presented are distributed as follows; The National Rally of Independents: 25,492 candidates (16.18%) The Authenticity and Modernity Party: 21,187 (13.45%) The Istiqlal Party: 19,845 (12.59%) The Socialist Union of Popular Forces: 12,945 (8.22%) The Popular Movement: 12,221 (7.76%) The Party of Progress and Socialism: 9.817 (6,23%) The Constitutional Union 8,713 (5.53%) The Party of Justice and Development: 8,681 (5.51%) The Democratic and Social Movement: 4,194 (2.66%) The Front of Democratic Forces: 3,858 (2.45%) The Coalition of the Left Federation: 3,543 (2.25%) The United Socialist Party: 2,912 (1.85%) The New Democrats Party: 2,453 (1.55%) The Party of the Environment and Sustainable Development: 1,934 (1.23%) The Equity Party: 1.893 (1,20%) The Moroccan Liberal Party: 1.810 (1,15%) Party of Unity and Democracy: 1.674 (1,06%) Al Amal Party: 1.608 (1,02%) Social Center Party: 1,552 (0.98%) Rebirth and Virtue Party: 1.485 (0,94%) Reform and Development Party: 1.413 (0,90%) Moroccan Green Party: 1.369 (0,87%) Moroccan Union for Democracy: 1,001 (0.64%)   Concerning other political bodies, 7 parties, the total of accredited candidacies reached 4,985. While, the number of candidacies without political affiliation did not exceed 1,002 in the elections of members of communal councils and districts. As part of the general elections of members of the House of Representatives and members of communal councils and districts and members of regional councils, scheduled for September 8, 2021, the period set for the submission of declarations of candidacy ended Wednesday, August 25, 2021. This operation was marked by a significant attendance of citizens compared to previous elections. The number of political parties that took part in this operation reached 31 parties, including a coalition of parties founded during these elections.