George Bush welcomes Morocco’s efforts

George Bush welcomes King's efforts to resolve Sahara dispute

U.S. president, George W. Bush voiced his welcome to the efforts deployed by king Mohammed VI of Morocco to solve the 32-year-old dispute over Morocco's Southern Provinces, The Sahara with the Algeria-backed Polisario separatists.

"We welcome your efforts to resolve the dispute," wrote Mr. Bush in a congratulation message on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the accession of king Mohammed VI to the Moroccan throne.

Morocco has proposed to grant substantial autonomy to the Sahara to solve the dispute over the control of this former Spanish colony, which was ceded to Morocco in 1975 under the Madrid Accord signed with Spain and Mauritania.

President Bush underlined that "Morocco continues to be a strong ally in the quest for stability, democracy and prosperity in the Maghreb." He also voiced hope to continue dialogue on regional and global integration.