Moroccan Sahara, Stable and Prosperous Region thanks to New Development Model – Former Zambian Official –

The Moroccan Sahara has become the “most stable and prosperous region in Africa” thanks to the new development model, underlined Zambia’s Home Affairs Deputy Minister Grace Njapau, noting that this large-scale project has changed the face of this part of the Kingdom. “This structuring project has radically transformed the economic and development prospects of the region,” said Njapau, who was speaking Wednesday before the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly. This new model is part of a comprehensive and integrated national development strategy which aims to improve the living conditions of local populations and carry out major infrastructure projects, with a view to ensuring a sustainable economic take-off in the region, she explained, noting that the new dynamic, triggered by the new development model, which attracts local and international investments, is expected to turn this region into a hub for economic exchanges and a cultural and human interface between Morocco and sub-Saharan countries. In this perspective, the Moroccan Sahara is projected as the main port platform in Africa through the port of Dakhla Atlantic, in addition to being a transit point for international trade connecting Africa to Europe, America and Asia, said the former Zambian official. She also pointed out that this new development model, which is based on good governance within the framework of advanced regionalization, promotes confidence and democracy in order to ensure sustainable development.