Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: HM the King has Always Supported Two-State Solution Living Side by Side – FM –

His Majesty King Mohammed VI has always supported the two-State solution living side by side and the establishment of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders with Al-Quds-Est as the capital, said Monday the Moroccan minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad, Nasser Bourita. “We are here in the Negev upon the instructions of HM the King to be a force working for peace and to say that a solution to the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict is possible,” Bourita said during a joint press conference at the end of the diplomatic summit which brought together, in the Negev, in southern Israel, the foreign ministers of the United States, Israel, Morocco, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. The minister also stressed the need to build a new momentum for peace and take concrete steps, opening up promising prospects for the peoples of the entire Middle East region. Bourita underlined the importance of taking concrete steps to open up promising prospects “for the youth and peoples of our region,” he said. “Regional dynamism is very important, as is regional stability in order to strengthen peace between Israel and Palestine, and Morocco has played a pioneering role in the Middle East peace process, and today the Kingdom is also ready to contribute to giving a new impetus to this dynamic”, said Mr. Bourita. “We are here today because we truly believe in peace, not the peace in which we ignore each other, but the peace based on the construction of values ​​and common interests and the peace which keeps us away from war,” he added. In this regard, he expressed his consideration and gratitude for the role played by Washington in supporting the Middle East peace process, saying that the United States has always been a reliable partner “on which we can count to build peace.” The minister noted that the Negev summit carried many positive messages to the inhabitants of the region, “but also clear and firm messages for those who work directly or through auxiliaries, that we are here to defend our values and our interests and protect this dynamic”. On the other hand, Mr. Bourita condemned the attack which targeted, on Sunday, the city of Hadera, south of Haifa. “Our presence here today is the best response to these attacks,” the minister said, stressing the need to preserve Israel’s security and interests. He also noted that the resumption of relations between Morocco and Israel was not an opportunistic decision, but was taken with conviction, recalling, in this regard, the strong ties that bind the Kingdom and the Jewish community, as well as the historical involvement of the Kingdom in the peace process. Regarding the prospects of Moroccan-Israeli relations, Mr. Bourita pointed out that much progress had been made since the signing of the tripartite declaration in Rabat, citing the numerous visits made on both sides, the launch of air routes, as well as the organization of several meetings. In this regard, he underlined that these relations will soon experience an important dynamic which will further contribute to strengthening these relations in various sectors, particularly as regards the diplomatic aspect.