C24: Hilale Blasts Algerian Ambassador for his Schizophrenia on Self-determination

Reacting to the sick obsession of the Algerian ambassador to the UN, Nadir El Arabaoui, about the alleged right of the “Sahrawi people to self-determination”, as well as his derogatory and slanderous remarks against the Kingdom, during the seminar of the C24 in St. Lucia, the permanent representative of Morocco to the UN, Ambassador Omar Hilale has castigated the Algerian diplomat for his schizophrenia about self-determination, reminding him that “it is a universal and indivisible principle. “You ask for self-determination for the 20,000 persons you detain in the camps of Tindouf, but you deny it to a people of 12 million inhabitants,” said Hilale challenging the Algerian ambassador and reminding him that “the Kabyle people has undergone 3 colonizations: Ottoman, then French and now Algerian. This is the longest occupation in the history of Africa, he lamented, wondering why Algeria does not allow the Kabyle People to self-determine, to express themselves and freely choose their destiny, as it claims for the populations of the camps of Tindouf. In addition, and in reaction to the usual false allegations of the Algerian ambassador on the situation of human rights in the Moroccan Sahara, the Moroccan diplomat denounced the multiple violations of human rights in Algeria, referring to the dozens of communiqués of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights describing the infringements of fundamental freedoms in this country in the dark register of human rights. “The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has multiplied its concerns about the persecution of Hirak activists, and massive violations of their rights, including arbitrary detentions, restrictions on fundamental freedoms and unfair trials,” said Hilale. The Moroccan ambassador added that activists are severely sentenced to several years in prison. Bloggers are imprisoned without trial and some die in Algerian jails like the late Hakim Debazi and the press is muzzled. This is the dark and sad reality of Algeria today, he said. Hilale also confronted the Algerian ambassador, who described the Moroccan Sahara as a “closed prison”, with his lies: “You called the Sahara a closed prison. If this was the case, why did countries open 27 consulates there? Why does the Sahara attract huge foreign investments, because no country would invest in a closed prison? Why would diplomats, foreign delegations and thousands of tourists flock to a closed prison,” he said, concluding that “the closed prison is Algeria, where there are the most serious violations of human rights in Africa». Regarding the separatist Sultana Khaya, mentioned by his sponsor the Algerian ambassador, Hilale held up a photo of this subversive separatist in military fatigues and carrying a Kalashnikov, denying her any alleged status as a human rights activist. He informed the audience that “after investigation, the United Nations confirmed that she is not a human rights activist, because she advocates armed violence, and therefore the UN has definitely withdrawn from her case».