C24/Sahara: Bahrain Reaffirms Support for Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity of Morocco

Bahrain has reiterated, before the UN Committee of 24 (C24), its support for serious and credible efforts by Morocco to achieve a political solution to the Sahara issue on the basis of the autonomy plan and within the framework of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Kingdom. Speaking at a meeting of the C24 in New York, the Bahraini representative stressed that the autonomy plan represents “the best and most sustainable” solution to this regional dispute, noting that the constant support of his country to the Kingdom of Morocco has been reflected in the opening of a consulate general in the city of Laayoune. Bahrain has also highlighted the efforts of the UN Secretary General to achieve a realistic and pragmatic political solution, based on compromise within the framework of national sovereignty of Morocco to close this conflict. The Bahraini diplomat welcomed, by the same occasion, the efforts of the Personal Envoy of the UN SG for the Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, including the tour he made in the region from 12 to 19 January.