Opening of Allenby/King Hussein Border Crossing: Senior US Official Praises Morocco’s ‘Key Role’ under HM the King Leadership

A senior official of President Joe Biden’s Administration hailed, on Saturday, the “key role” played by the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, in mediating the 24/7 opening of the Allenby/King Hussein border crossing, linking the West Bank and Jordan. Israel’s decision to open the border crossing, which is the Palestinians’ only opening to the world, signals the first instance in which an Arab country has used its might to mediate between Israelis and Palestinians to produce “a significant policy change,” the US official said, as reported by a leading Israeli newspaper. The mediation efforts led by the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States, with senior Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian officials, constitute a collective dynamic “that made the difference,” he said, adding that “we are delighted to see the Abraham Accords working to the benefit of the Palestinians – this has been a priority for the Biden administration”. He also recalled, in this context, the statement of the Israeli Minister of Transport, Merav Michaeli, who particularly praised the major role played by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, for the reopening of the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge. “Michaeli publicly thanked Biden, as well as HM King Mohammed VI and the Kingdom of Morocco for their continued commitment and efforts to promote peace and prosperity in the Middle East,” he added. The opening of this border crossing, located about 50 km from the capital Amman, will be effective soon when the logistical conditions are met, especially in terms of human resources. The opening of this crossing, which is very popular with Palestinians, will have a beneficial impact on the daily lives of Palestinians and facilitate the movement of people and goods.