The Royal Speech, A Reminder of Morocco’s Diplomatic Achievements – Writer-Journalist –

The speech delivered by HM King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People can be described as a reminder of the major diplomatic achievements made by the Kingdom to enshrine the legitimacy of the national cause and capitalize on Morocco’s assets, especially the Moroccan community abroad, according to writer-journalist Talaâ Saoud Al Atlassi. “HM the King spoke of the international support for the national cause, through the recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara and the explicit adoption of the autonomy proposal, while highlighting the diplomatic achievements of the country,” the writer said in an article published on the Machahid24 website under the title “The royal speech, frankness and fairness.”  For Saoud Al Atlassi, the Sovereign stressed “with frankness and royal diplomatic elegance” that the Sahara issue is the lens through which Morocco looks at the world, adding that countries whose positions on the Sahara issue are ambiguous must clarify their positions and reconsider them in a manner that leaves no room for doubt. The Sovereign has thus saluted and commended the members of the Moroccan expatriate community, who spare no effort to defend our territorial integrity on various platforms and in different venues, he said. HM the King has also emphasized the need to provide this community with the necessary framework, means, and conditions to allow it to give its best in serving the interest of the country, noted the author. HM the King has launched a “historic project” in his speech by honoring the Moroccan community abroad and by rehabilitating the structures and mechanisms to address their issues to integrate this community into the development of the country while recognizing their contribution to national achievements, Saoud Al Atlassi wrote. From the royal speech, it is clear that “Morocco, with its strong diplomatic achievements and international relations, is the result of the synergy between the will of the Sovereign and that of the people, in continuity with the Revolution of the King and the People,” he added, stressing that the royal speech is an important political “step”, part of a continuous historical process. The royal speech has enshrined the openness with the partners of the Kingdom, asserting once again the need to renew the rules and ways of dealing with the “new” Morocco at the international level, Saoud Al Atlassi concluded.