The Royal Speech: ‘Diplomatic Turning Point’ Regarding Relations Between Morocco and its Allies, Political Scientist

The speech delivered by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People constitutes “a diplomatic turning point” regarding the clarification of relations between Morocco and its friends and allies, political scientist Mustapha Tossa said on Sunday. “Things have never been expressed so directly: the Sahara issue is the only lens through which the Kingdom of Morocco structures its alliances. It is the only barometer to measure its friendships and partnerships,” Tossa wrote in an analysis published by the Atlasinfo website. “Those who hesitate or maintain grey areas are not part of Morocco’s genuine allies and are urged to clarify their positions on the sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara,” he recalled, arguing that this royal invitation is expressed for the first time in such a direct manner. The Sovereign had already alluded to the comfort zone, but this time the royal invitation was expressed with such clarity, he observed, describing the royal message as a “truly a diplomatic turning point” that will certainly have consequences. “Without naming these countries, King Mohammed VI has invited them to update their visions with the new political data resulting from the U.S. shift, Spain’s new position, the Arab consensus and African breakthroughs,” he said. “It is difficult, even illogical, to have a powerful strategic partnership, a friendship and an alliance of a rare quality and to hesitate regarding the process of recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara,” said the political scientist. In his opinion, “the novelty today is that Morocco is no longer willing to accept the hesitations, stammering and other factors that would justify the decision not to align with the positions of many American, European, Arab or African friendly countries. The royal decision would like to put an end to this situation, Tossa said, adding that this determined attitude imbued with powerful diplomatic courage shows that Morocco has reached a point where it must definitively put an end to the regional discord and defeat the forces that sustain it. This speech reflects a desire of Morocco to separate the wheat from the chaff in its diplomatic relations, he noted.