‘Provocative’: PAM Slams Polisario Reception in Tunisia

The Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) condemned the “provocative approach” of the Tunisian president, who welcomed in Tunis the leader of the separatists, and his “inadmissible bias in favor of parties hostile to the territorial integrity and national sovereignty” of Morocco. In a statement, the party said that this abnormal position follows a series of incomprehensible actions of the Tunisian presidency in recent years, resulting in many positions that are hostile to the higher interests of the Kingdom. “This attitude of the Tunisian presidency is not only a blow to the historic relations between the two brotherly countries, but it is considered a stab in the back of a loyal ally defending the security, territorial integrity, political stability and economic progress of Tunisia,” lamented the PAM. The Moroccan political party noted that this bias is “a crude response to the serious and sincere initiatives that Morocco has carried out in the service of cooperation with Tunisia in various fields.” It further explained that the behavior of the Tunisian presidency has not only hurt the feelings of the Moroccan people and a large part of the Tunisian people, but has dealt a serious blow to the history of friendly and positive relations uniting the two peoples and leaders of both countries for decades. “We hoped that the Tunisian presidency would work to correct its regrettable, hostile and unprecedented passivity during the vote of the Security Council Resolution 2602 on the Moroccan Sahara, which went against the historical Tunisian position since the beginning of this artificial conflict,” he lamented, recalling that it surprised not only Morocco, but also the Arab bloc in the UN body. The attitude of the Tunisian presidency is a “blow to all efforts aimed at the revival of the Arab Maghreb,” said the statement, noting that “we look forward to the wise men of Tunisia and our Tunisian friends and brothers can use the logic of wisdom and common historical ties to remedy this political and diplomatic error.” The Kingdom, concludes the party, will continue to act wisely in the service of regional peace and security and cooperation with all brothers and friends to serve the causes of the peoples of the region in terms of peace, prosperity and development.