Moroccan Parties, Unions Slam Tunisian President’s ‘Provocative Approach’

Moroccan parties and trade unions denounced the “provocative approach” of the Tunisian President, following the reception of the leader of the “polisario” separatist militia during the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 8). The General Union of Workers of Morocco (UGTM) has strongly condemned the “unacceptable and unjustifiable” position of the Tunisian president on the issue of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, calling on “the wise in sisterly Tunisia to face this serious attitude, which runs against all the ties of brotherhood and denies all the noble initiatives taken by our country in favor of the Tunisian brotherly people in the most difficult times.” In a statement, the union expressed its deep regret at “this reckless step” and “this stab in the back to a country that has always been at the side of Tunisia and its people.” Such hostile acts, sponsored by enemies of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, will in no way undermine the justness of the national cause and will not change the reality that Morocco will remain in its Sahara and the Sahara will remain in its Morocco, it said. The UGTM welcomed the noble positions expressed by Japan and by many friendly countries, which described as “regrettable” the absence of Morocco from the TICAD summit, calling for a lasting solution to this problem so that it does not happen again. For their part, the youth of political parties represented at the Parliament have strongly denounced this “odious” attitude that goes against diplomatic habits and customs, hurts the feelings of all Moroccans and strongly impacts the bonds of respect and esteem carried by the Moroccan people to the Tunisian brotherly people. In a statement issued following an urgent meeting held by video conference and posted on the National Rally of Independents (RNI) website, the youth slammed this “provocative approach” which undermines the constants of the Kingdom. They welcomed the firm diplomatic position of Morocco “following the actions of the Tunisian president who, unlike all his predecessors, has placed his country at the service of the enemies of Morocco’s territorial integrity,” stressing their constant mobilization to defend the Moroccan Sahara.” Commending the position of Japan which exposed the narrative of the Tunisian presidency claiming that the invitation of representatives of the puppet entity is a unilateral measure, the partisan youth called on the voices, parties and partisan youth of the brotherly state of Tunisia to demonstrate to the Tunisian regime the seriousness of this uncalculated and reckless step. For its part, the Party of Shura and Istiqlal condemned in the strongest terms this “hostile attitude towards the Kingdom of Morocco, which has always supported Tunisia,” expressing its thanks to the Tunisian parties and figures who have denounced this act, which will in no way affect the fraternal and historical relations between the two peoples.