UCLG President Calls Morocco’s Experience in Regionalization ‘Source of Inspiration’

The Moroccan experience in regionalization is a successful experience that is a source of inspiration, said Thursday in Saidia, Fatimetou Mint Abdel Malick, President of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLGA). “This Moroccan experience could inspire other cities in Africa to boost the process of their regionalization,” Mint Abdel Malick told M24 on the sidelines of the first Forum of African Regions (FORAF), held from 8 to 10 September in Saidia. “The FORAF is a component of our organization UCLGA, which includes more than 16,000 African local authorities,” she said, adding that “this forum is extremely important in terms of development and the implementation of structuring projects in our various regions.” This forum, she continued, aims to pool the efforts of different African countries, to connect the various African local authorities and share the experiences of other UCLGA cities. “We are the only structured component of the world,” said the same official, ensuring that during this Forum “we will attend the development of a roadmap and the validation of our action plan. “We expect that this forum can share the various successful experiences in different cities in Africa to strengthen the South-South cooperation, one of the ambitions of our organization,” she said.