Will to Transcend Economic Recession, Effects of Pandemic, Two Fundamentals of Royal Speech to Parliament – Writer-journalist –

The determination to transcend the economic recession and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as water stress are in sum the fundamentals of the speech delivered by HM King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the opening of the 1st session of the 2nd legislative year of the 11th legislature, underlines the writer-journalist, Talaâ Saoud Al Atlassi. In an article published Monday on the online news site ”Machahid 24” under the title ”A franchise in New York and a mourning in Tindouf”, he notes that the Sovereign called for the mobilization of all the potentialities of the Moroccan people and all political, governmental, civil, executive and representative institutions as well as all socio-economic sectors and this, to cope together with water stress and economic recession. In order to translate into reality the High Royal Directions in the face of this situation, Saoud Al Atlassi stresses that Moroccans will be called upon not only to apply the necessary measures but also and above all to adopt a new environmental and economic culture driven by patriotism and this, with a view to preserving and enhancing the resources of the country. Noting the great enriching contribution of the Royal Speech on the political level and the socio-economic and cultural life in the Kingdom in line with the Royal reformist and modernist project, the author says that thanks to ‘this royal vision, Morocco is today a country that has promising assets on the path of development and a state that enjoys credibility on the international level as evidenced by the respect enjoyed by the Kingdom in its international relations, with the support of important diplomatic achievements that have a positive impact on the development projects launched in the country and that also plead in favor of the rightness of the issue of territorial integrity in its bilateral relations and especially at the United Nations level. He also stresses that in the face of climate change, Morocco will take up the challenge of providing water to all Moroccans and also boost investment in the country, source of wealth and job creation. In addition, Talaâ Souad Al Atlassi refers to the inertia shown by Algeria in its apprehension of changes on the international scene, as well as those concerning the Moroccan Sahara issue, citing as an example the statements of the representative of Algeria at the United Nations which denote ”a pitiful mediocrity on the political and intellectual level” that does not even require a response from the ambassador permanent representative of Morocco to the UN, Omar Hilale, since the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres has taken it upon himself to respond through his report that will be the basis of that of the Security Council scheduled for late October. Just like the so-called leader of the separatists, Brahim Ghali, who, in response to the frankness of the UN Secretary General, has found no other response than to display a miserabilistic attitude towards the international community. He concludes that Morocco has contributed to the promotion of a pacifist culture through its bold and fair initiative of autonomy while giving the example of a country resolutely committed to the path of participatory democracy, which is able to emulate in the region for the great good of its countries and peoples and also for the great good of all of Africa with the objectives of cooperation, peace and shared progress.