Improving Moroccans’ Living Standards is Compass Guiding Government Action – Gov’t Head –

The improvement of Moroccans’ living standards and the achievement of their aspirations are the real compass guiding the government’s interventions, its public policy and the measures it adopts, said Monday, Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch. In response to a question during the monthly session of public policy in the House of Representatives devoted to “draft appropriation bill (PLF) 2023: between economic and social issues and government obligations”, Akhannouch said that the PLF 2023 is a document that “reflects our status as an executive power and reflects our true orientations and our governmental majority program”. To achieve the announced objectives, the government faces a complex reality, given the impact of crises, urgent challenges and the weight of outstanding issues, he noted, stressing the determination of the executive to ensure the management of strategic issues, which arise from the Royal High Directions, the conclusions of the New Development Model, as well as the aspirations of Moroccans and their priorities. The government is actively working to ensure that the positive impact of public policies is reflected in the daily life of the citizen, said Akhannouch, considering that “measures and public policies have no interest if their positive impact is not felt on the table, income, education and health of the citizen”. The ambition of the government is to implement the High Vision of HM the King “in all responsibility and honesty, for the progress and dignity of Morocco,” he noted, adding that the government is inspired by the optimism displayed by the Sovereign.