AU-PSC: Morocco in Favor of Multidimensional Approach in South Sudan

The multidimensional approach (Nexus: peace, security and development) is the way to accompany South Sudan, said, Wednesday in Addis Ababa, the ambassador, permanent representative of the Kingdom to the African Union (AU) and UNECA, Mohamed Arrouchi. Arrouchi, who was speaking during a video-conference meeting of the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) on the political and security situation in South Sudan, reiterated the Kingdom’s support to the government and people of South Sudan in their aspirations and commitment to restore peace, stability and development in their country. The Moroccan diplomat underscored the imperative for the signatory parties to the “2018 Revitalized Peace Agreement” to work together to fully implement the remaining key benchmarks, with a view to achieving a constitutional and electoral process by December 2024 and democratic governance by February 2025. He further stressed the imperative of taking urgent steps to create conditions conducive to the return of displaced civilians and the provision of humanitarian assistance to affected populations. Arrouchi, who heads the Moroccan delegation at this meeting, also stressed the importance of developing, within the framework of the multidimensional approach (Nexus-Project), peace-building, development and post-conflict reconstruction programs to achieve lasting peace and stability in South Sudan, as well as the need to foster inter-community dialogue to restore confidence and promote reconciliation between communities. In this context, the Moroccan delegation commended the efforts deployed by the AU in collaboration with IGAD to support the implementation of the 2018 Revitalized Peace Agreement, and the United Nations through its Mission in South Sudan, for its tireless commitment to pursue efforts aimed at restoring peace and stability in this brotherly country, as well as other bilateral and multilateral partners, for their continued support to the AU-led efforts.